Colombian Botanical derivatives

A dependable supply of Colombian biodiversity

CBDer is a foreign trade facilitation company that leverages its expertise and multinational marketing contacts to develop export businesses for value-added cannabis products, from seeds and flowers to derivatives and final goods. We match suppliers’ portfolios with each client’s specific needs and applications.

We are a team of engineering professionals with extensive international marketing and sales experience in specialized, regulated markets. For over 20 years, we have provided high-performance technical sales, raw material sourcing, logistics, and environmental management for sustainable product and business development, meeting demanding regulatory compliance requirements.

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To provide excellent quality botanicals and derivatives reliably to markets around the world by matching the supplier’s portfolio to the specific need per customer and application.


By 2030 CBDer will provide the highest quality and most innovative biodiversity products in the world, exceeding the needs of our customers, thus being the best partners for growth, sustainability and trust for global markets.

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Corporate Assets

Based on our courage and experience we develop businesses that are sustainable, innovative and provide solutions to specialized challenges.

We solve the needs of our customers, partners, employees and investors in a solid, transparent and consistent manner.

We are a team that actively listens, reads and understands the conditions of the environment, generating agile, sustainable responses and solutions to current and future challenges.

We proactively comply with our clients and associates, adhering to the rules and principles of corporate, legal and business performance, in order to remain faithful to the society and industry we proudly serve.

Our Services

Foreign trade management

We offer our experience and contacts at the international trade level to facilitate exports of cannabis derivatives, understand regulatory requirements in destination countries, review packaging and transport specifications, and verify that all necessary export documentation is up to date, both at origin and at the export destination.

Regulatory advice

We offer regulatory advisory services in the field of export of natural extracts, such as cannabis. Our team has studied the regulatory structure in Colombia, as well as in European destinations and US states. With an accelerated pace of learning, we have acquired knowledge that facilitates the understanding of this important aspect for the export of natural extracts. We have experience in countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and England, and can help you navigate the specific regulations and requirements of each location. Rely on us for expert advice and advance your export goals successfully.

Market research

Based on our permanent contact with international clients in different countries, we are able to offer market studies that we update regularly. The market for cannabis derivatives is constantly changing, due to factors such as regulatory and technical studies on effects, benefits, synergies and antagonisms. CBDer helps to navigate these changes and to understand the market and its constant development and offers structured material to understand these changes and the trends that are generated.

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Colombian Botanical Derivates

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